Toroidal transformer

Toroidal – transformers achieve high effiency due to their design. Disturbing effects on adjacent components are avoided without the need for costly and space- consum- ng shielding. These transformers are used e.g in control cubicles with limited space or in medical equipment in order to avoid costly shielding. Toroidal transformers are lightweight and small. They can be produced economically as less copper and core material is required. They are available in vacuum impregnated or encapsulated designs.

UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) is the US certifi – cation authority for product safety. They test products worldwide in line with US product safety requirements in order to make such products marketable in every region in the United States.
The UL mark is the most widely accepted proof that a product complies with American and Canadian safety requirements. For North American consumers, regulation authorities and manufacturers, the UL mark is the hallmark of product safety. Each year, over 17 billion new products are provided with the UL mark.